Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE: I just wanted to add that it has become normal for packages to stall out at incoming and outgoing ports for internationals for 7+ Business days. (I experienced this myself with packages coming in from Hawaii and other countries)

Last Update: February 22, 2020
I will add to this as needed. Have a question that isn’t covered here? Tap “Get in Touch” in the menu and ask away!


Q: How do you pronounce Ajevie?
A: Ah-jeh-vee

Q: How do I order?
A: Add your desired items right to your cart as you would any other online shop. :)

Q: How do I leave you a note?
A: You can add a note in your cart like in the picture below.  Do Not leave me notes via Paypal as I will not see it.

Q: How do I use a coupon code?
A: You input the code in your cart on the first checkout page. The one that requests your shipping info.  Mobile users can tap "Show Order Summary" to see the option on that same page.  Codes cannot be applied retroactively!

Q: How will I know what's going on?
A: You can follow the process on the Status Page, check the Calendar, join our FaceBook Group where I post updates at least once a week, or email me anytime via the Get in Touch form. If you just want new stock and news updates, you can subscribe to the Newsletter.  For general questions, please feel free to tag me or DM in the group, but for anything specific or time sensitive always use the form!

Q: Okay. What is the process like?
A: There are five phases of an update.
(Pre-Order) Listed: This scent is brand new and available with unlimited stock (unless otherwise stated), Full size, addon options, and sets (where applicable) are available.  The typical order window is 48 hours.
(Pre-Order) Ordered: These scents have been ordered from the manufacturer. Full sizes, addons, and sets are no longer available.
(Pre-Order) Processing: They’re finally here! These scents are being checked in, sorted, decanted, labeled, pulled, and packed up.  See the Status Page for specific details on the process of… processing.
Shipped: Finally on their way to you!
Leftovers: I always try to list a little less stock than I expect to get from an order in case of spills, weirdly short bottles, or other disasters. Anything leftover will eventually be listed first come, first serve. I try to let you know via the FaceBook Group when I expect to have certain leftovers available and how much of each. Unfortunately, I cannot take requests for leftovers before they have been listed. Leftovers will be partial original bottles or Ajevie bottles.  Leftovers are no longer in sample sizes.

Q: What are Backorders?
A: Backordering is when a specific scent is not available from the manufacturer at the time expected. In most cases, the manufacture will have the backordered item sent to me within a few days or up to a week, but rarely, I have seen it take longer. If you are effected by a backorder, I will hold your order until the item comes in unless you request it be sent separately. In which case, I will invoice you for the additional shipping.

Q: Um, I think you messed up my order...
A: Tell me as soon as you suspect there's a mistake!! Everything at Ajevie is done by hand: hand-pouring, hand-labeling, and handpicking orders. While we strive for excellence, we're just bumbling humans and we make mistakes - particularly trainees. Often, I don’t know there' been a mistake made them unless you let me know. So! Ask about that order! Check on that missing item! Confused by something? Let me help.

RETURNS/EXCHANGES/CANCELLATIONS fine print: Due to the nature of these products, we cannot offer returns or exchanges. However, if there is a problem with your order, please contact me directly at Angi@ajevie.com! Cancellations after payment are at MY discretion. Addons/Pre-Orders cannot be canceled/refunded.  While I try to be accommodating, it is not always possible. For example, once your pre-order has been placed with the partner house it cannot be canceled. So please let me know as soon as possible (within 24 hours) if you need to cancel or make any changes. We cannot retroactively add the bundle shipping to orders that have full shipping paid, but if they all end up shipping on the same shipping label, it will process a refund for the difference then. :)

Q: Why are you ignoring me?!
A: I'm not, I promise! I do occasionally miss emails, though. If it's been a few days and you haven't gotten a reply, please try again! However, do keep in mind that I operate on Business Days, so I may not get back to you right away if it is the weekend or a holiday.

Q: Are you affiliated with the brands that you carry?
A: I have full permission from all the brands that I work with to offer samples of their scents, but official affiliations vary depending on the brand. There’s a complete explanation of this on the About section.

Q: Why do your prices shift?
A: Ajevie prices slide, that is they're a set formula based on the cost of the scents. So, they will change as the manufacturers’ prices do. That said, as Ajevie doesn't have to make a big profit, if I am seeing a savings in the costs of raw materials, that will always be passed on to you lovelies. The same applies to shipping rates.  


Q: What sizes are available?
A: Perfume oils come in four sizes  Slinks = .74 ml vials, Slonks = .92 ml bottles, Chonks = 2.3 ml bottles, and full bottles sizes during initial pre-order. .5ml Slinks are also available in sets and singles for select collections.

Other samples, hair gloss, atmos sprays, bath oil, ect will vary as fill levels from the manufacturers can vary from bottle to bottle.

During the warmer months, you may notice your samples just a lil less full. This is to avoid 'popping'.  If you receive samples lower than pictured, PLEASE contact customer service so that I know it's an issue and I can see it fixed!

Q: Can I get the original, empty retail bottle with my order?
A: During Pre-Orders, anyone is welcome to request the original retail bottle for any scent they have purchased regardless of the amount purchased. These are given out at no additional charge WHILE SUPPLIES LAST and are first come, first serve. One bottle of each scent will always be reserved for leftovers and will not be available. You can also get freebie sniffies via the accessories page. The freebie sniffies will be RANDOM, though you can specify a brand, just not a specific scent. As all bottles are thoroughly processed as soon as they arrive, for the sake of keeping turn around times acceptable, I cannot not stop processing to pour decanted oils back into original bottles. Adding empties to your order may result in additional shipping due! I also no longer give out the retail empties from any product with a value of $45+.  Some brands supply me oils in non-retail bottles which are not for public circulation, so empties are not always available.

Q: Can I add on other full sized items? / What are Addons?
A1: Yes! By all means! You are welcome to add any in stock item during initial pre-order from whatever manufacturer we happen to be ordering from. There will be a brand specific “Addons” listing separate from new release listings.  Please do NOT use the Addons listing for new releases.  New Releases have a “Full” option in the size menu.

A2: As mentioned above, Addons are additions to our order.  They are most useful for internationals and folks who want to cut down on their shipping for financial or environmental reasons. 

Ex: We are currently doing a pre-order for Hexennacht.  Susan, who lives in the UK already has orders placed in her Ajevie bundle.  She fell in love with her Wolfsbane sample and NEEDS a bottle. She could of course place an order with Hex, but that would mean paying MORE postage and more shipping waste.  Instead, she can order it through Ajevie and save all of that.  Wolfsbane is not one of our pre-order scents.  So, Susan orders a $16 Addon and leaves a note at checkout saying ‘Wolfsbane Roll-on’.  I order Susan her roll-on and it comes in her Ajevie package.  

Q: Why are there bits/different colors floating in my perfume?!
A: Do not panic! Often perfumers intentionally use resins and other concoctions that leave sediment in the perfume oil and will continue to enrich your oil as it ages. If something looks highly suspect, don’t be afraid to send me a photo and I’ll confirm if it’s normal or not. Also, some perfume ingredients separate - chocolate accords are well known culprits of this - and they may need a good shake before application. Bath and body products that do not use emulsifiers can also separate and just need a good shake.

Q: This smells different from so-and-so’s sample. Why?
A: Almost all our brands handcraft their products. This means there can be batch variations and this is almost always the case when something smells a little different than another.  Age of the oil and personal body chemistry are also major factors.

Q: My sample smells a bit different than the bottle. Again, why?
A: Batch variation can play a part in this. However, all samples are a representation of the whole, but may not always be exact simply due to the nature of the oil and formula ratios.  All bottles are gently shaken and rolled before decanting to ensure the most complete mix possible and therefore the truest representation of the whole.

~SHIPPING QUESTIONS~ Current Shipping Rates

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes! However, I am not responsible for duties, taxes, or fees incurred with customs. Feel free to contact me with any questions about international packages. 

Q: What shipping options are there?
A: Most packages will ship USPS First Class or Flat Rate Priority Padded mailer. Very rarely bundles may require priority box packaging and if this is the case, I will send you an invoice for the difference. All shipments will have an associated tracking # which will be emailed to the account you used to make your purchase. We are extremely fortunate in that the local post office here is AMAZING! They often go above and beyond for Ajevie and though the Delivery scan is the only one that is official required, your package will almost always include an Accepted scan when it’s been picked up.  Read about Combining orders, Holding Orders, Signature Confirmation, and Insurance. 

Q: Can I combine my orders into one shipment?
A: We cannot retroactively add the bundle shipping to orders that have full shipping paid, but if they all end up shipping on the same shipping label, it will process a refund for the difference then.  Read about Combining orders, Holding Orders, Signature Confirmation, and Insurance. 

Q: How long will it take you to ship my package?
A: That depends on a lot of things. Some manufacturers have a very long turn around time (the time between placing our order and the order being shipped). Some as long as 14 - 30+ business days. Others are super quick! Add my TAT for me to decant the items and pack them up to ship to you. There is a list of specific TATs on the Status Page. If you are combining packages, your package won't ship until everything is ready. Monthly bundles ship at the End of each month. While I work as quickly as I can to ensure you do, I do Not guarantee that you will always have your samples while the manufacturer has the scent available. This is especially true for super small release windows such as Black Phoenix's Lunacy blends, and limited releases such as Nocturne Alchemy's Resurgence releases.

Q: What if something is damaged?
A: Insurance is available! The flat rate padded mailer is already insured for up to $50 for US orders. If you have not purchased insurance, there’s nothing the USPS will do and strictly speaking, Ajevie is Not responsible for uninsured packages once they have been accepted by the post office though I will do what I can to make it right!

Q: My package has been scanned as Delivered, but I don't have it!
A: Contact your local Post Office ASAP!  I have zero control over when/how/if carriers handle things once packages have been accepted.  That said, OFTEN packages are scanned as delivered and then are ACTUALLY delivered in the next day or two.  Even if this IS the case, I suggest you still contact your local post office or post master to ask them why their carries are scanning items incorrectly.  If that is not the case, it is up to them to tell you what they did with your package.  See the next Q for lost packages.

Q: They lost my package!
A: In ten years, I have only had four packages disappear entirely en route. If there is a problem, most often it finds its way back to me eventually. If you fear for a package, you can ask USPS to do a search and I’ll happily supply any information that I can. Unfortunately, my hands are tied in cases where the supplied address was incorrect, or a delivered package has been lost/stolen. 

Q: I got Order A, but it also had items in it from Order B, which hasn’t shipped yet. What gives?
A: Often, when you have a package shipping out, I will check to see if you have anything else in other orders that are also ready. No sense in things waiting around here when you have a shipment heading out the door! I will not mark an order shipped/fulfilled until Everything in that order has been shipped to you.

Q: I need to change my Shipping Address!
You can access your account and update your shipping address at any time.  Updating your shipping address on your account will cover you for future orders, but it is NOT retroactive and does not update orders that were placed with a different address.  After you have updated your account with your new address, make sure you have contacted me THROUGH EMAIL angi@ajevie.com to have any pending orders updated with the new address.  Be sure to mention which address is the new one if you have not deleted the previous ones. ;) Please note, I do not use paypal shipping and really don’t look at your Paypal transaction unless there is a problem with your payment.


Q: What is Bundle Shipping?
A: Bundle shipping allows you to combine orders into one package to save on shipping costs. There is a small handling fee of $.40 associated with this service.  You can add to any unshipped order whenever you like simply by adding this item to your cart.  BE AWARE: The bundle shipping option will NOT appear in your checkout options UNLESS you have this item in your cart!! Additional shipping may be due if your package is heavy enough that it has to be bumped to the next weigh bracket or shipped priority rather than first class.

We cannot retroactively add the bundle shipping to orders that have full shipping paid, but if they all end up shipping on the same shipping label, it will process a refund for the difference then. :)

Q: Okay, then what’s a Monthly Bundle?
A: A monthly bundle is the same as above except that rather than shipping when all your orders are complete it will not ship until the end of the selected month. Allowing you to add to it for a predetermined time. This is particularly handy for internationals and folks who know they’ll be away from their shipping address for a spell.


Q: …LV?
A: LoVe, of course. Ajevie is all about sharing the love of amazing perfumes - and it may also be a video game reference. ;)

Q: How do I join the Ajevie LV Program?
A: Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled. If you don't have one, create a store account to join today.

Q: How do I earn points?
A: Click here to see different ways to earn points.

Q: How do I check my balance and redeem rewards?
A: Log in to your store account and go to the Use Points Page which can be accessed through the Rewards Widget located at the bottom of the store.  Here is a list of Rewards currently available.

Q: How do I use my rewards?
A:  All LV rewards are issued as discount codes for the LV Rewards Collection that can be applied on the payment page during checkout (only one discount code per order).

Q: Why aren't discounts applicable to Pre-Orders?
A: I keep Ajevie prices as low as possible, so all funds from pre-orders are required for us to be able to purchase the perfumes, vials, etc. Without those funds, we would have to cut bottles that weren't full rather than offering leftovers after the fact, which is a much better system for everyone.